What we do

365体育备用网站Child rights are universal, inalienable and indivisible. Yet the pursuit of these enduring rights takes place within a world that is in constant flux. Economic, social and political dynamics, driven by new technologies, actors and challenges, pose important tests for the current and future well-being of children.

365体育备用网站The Office of Global Insight and Policy provides UNICEF with intelligence on a range of issues with implications for children and UNICEF’s work, equipping the organization to more effectively shape the global discourse with greater awareness of children’s issues, and prepare it for the future by scanning the horizon for frontier issues and ways of working.

With dedicated expertise in seven policy areas — digital technology, human capital, governance, the environment, society, finance and markets — the Office of Global Insight and Policy serves as UNICEF’s internal think tank, scoping frontier issues and emerging practices affecting children that may inform UNICEF’s approach.